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Ikaika Foundation

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Kama & Jacqueline Homan

Pete & Jes Kelly 

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023 Maui made national headlines as fires erupted across the island.  Jacqueline and Kama Homan spent the night worried if the fires would reach their home and businesses.  They worried for friends and family across the island and those in the path of the fire.  Power, cell and 911 services were out, and it was impossible to reach people to see if they were safe.  After a fitful and anxiety ridden night, they woke to an outpouring of financial support from friends and family on the mainland.  Donations were pouring in to help those impacted by the fires.  It wouldn’t be until later that the full devastation was realized.  In the early hours following the fires, the focus was on helping the survivors.  It was from this, that Ikaika Foundation was born. 


It started with a desire to give back and help the community where her husband was born.  A community she adopted as her own.  One that welcomed her with open arms and provided so much support for their budding family and Kama’s construction business.    


Jacqueline spent the days following making numerous trips to stores seeking supplies for the victims of the Maui fires.  She spent countless hours mobilizing friends to assist with these relief efforts.  She documented the story via Instagram & Facebook to keep her mainland friends and family updated on the situation on the ground.  Meanwhile, friends Pete & Jes Kelly simultaneously raised a monumental amount of donations, and the two families came together to help collect funds and buy more supplies. The donations kept pouring in fueled by mainland family and friends sharing the stories and posts.


With supplies at the ready but no formal means to distribute yet in place, Jacqueline charged forward and arranged with a local helicopter company, Maverick helicopters, to deliver supplies to the residents of West Maui.  She continued buying supplies and finding ways to get them to the people who needed them through local hubs created by the community of Maui.  When the road to Lahaina was closed, Kama and Jacqueline worked with the County of Maui to receive their clearance with his construction company to bring in much needed supplies for the families stranded and sheltering in place.  And the donations kept pouring in. 

Their love of the island of Maui and their belief that everyone can make a difference no matter how small or seemingly insignificant kept them moving forward.  Their love for the Valley Isle and its people birthed the Ikaika Foundation.  Ikaika means strong, powerful, sturdy.  It represents strength, force, energy, might, vigor, and determination.  All traits that Jacqueline, Kama, Pete and Jes exhibited when the fires broke out on Maui.  All traits they believe are vital to rebuilding after the fires.  Through the Ikaika Foundation, they hope to provide support no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.  Every little bit helps and Ikaika Foundation intends to be there.


We have worked with several local businesses and volunteers on the island and have received donations from countless mainland friends and businesses. Mahalo for your continued support and contributions! 

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